The Tribe Slash Community

The Tribe Slash Community

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Welcome to tribe_slash!!!

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Warning: This community contains slash, het, r*a*p*e, mpreg, death and other thing of this kind of nature. If any other these things a fend you please leave.


-Must be open minded, meaning no dissing gays, gays marriage or mpreg's.
-Do not steal the story/stories from this site and post them elsewhere as your own.
-Flaming is not aloud, but constructive criticism is!
-Same goes for artwork. Give credit where credit is due. Even if it sucks.
-Post fics/art behind a LJ-cut, but leave title, author, rating, pairing(if there is any), warnings, and summary outside the LJ-cut.
- Topics/Posts are to be based on The Tribe only.
-Story search are aloud here as long as you put "Looking for..." in the subjest box.

tribe_slash community Mods:
If you would like to be a mod, please e-mail me at ryoakuinenn@yahoo.com .